Rank Advancement in Ventures

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The Venturing Advancement track includes the Bronze, Gold, and Silver awards.

Bronze. The introduction to specific Venturing skills. Venturers may earn one or more of the five Bronze awards: Arts and Hobbies, Sports, Sea Scout,Outdoor, or Youth Ministries. One Bronze is required for Gold.

Gold. Intermediate level requiring at least 12 months' tenure and work. Requirements are based on three areas: personal development, service, and leadership. Gold requires a pre-approved plan of action and a crew review board consisting of youth and adults conducted by the crew president. It is appropriate to present the award at a court of honor. Gold is required for Silver.

Silver. This is the highest award for Venturers. In addition to earning a Bronze and Gold Award, Venturers do additional work in the areas of leadership, emergency preparedness, and ethics. Silver requires a pre-approved plan of action and a board of review.

The Venturing awards include Ranger, Quest, and TRUST awards:

Ranger. The Ranger Award is an additional award/growth opportunity based on outdoor/high adventure requirements. A Venturer must complete eight requirements and at least four of 18 electives. The Outdoor Bronze Award is half of Ranger. There is no board of review.

Quest. The Quest Award is based on fitness and sports. A venturer must complete five core requirements and at least one of the five electives. There is noboard of review. The Sports Bronze Award is the first requirement.

TRUST. The TRUST Award will help Venturers learn about themselves, their communities, and their religion and culture, as well as those of others. They must complete five areas of requirements with the support of a religious leader in their community.

It is appropriate to present these awards at a court of honor or Eagle/Silver banquet, and to recognize them in local and school newspapers.

Past Credit

All requirements for all awards require Venturers to do work as Venturers. As an example, they may have earned the Backpacking merit badge as a Boy Scout, but must do all that is required in the Ranger backpacking elective while registered as a Venturer. Some requirements may require some type of certification such as Scuba Open-Water Diver, American Red Cross Standard First Aid, or BSA Lifeguard. This certification may be used regardless of when it was earned as long as the certification is still current.

Multiple Credit

Venturers may receive multiple credit for requirements in Venturing, such as using an American Red Cross Emergency Response course for credit in the Ranger first aid core requirement, first aid elective, Life saver elective, and the Silver Emergency Preparedness requirement. However, Venturers may not receive multiple credit when required to do a tabletop display or presentation. These must be done for each requirement that requires one. Qualified members who are working onBoy Scout advancement may receive credit for work toward Boy Scout advancement and Venturing advancement. An example would be getting dual credit for hikes for the Backpacking merit badge and for the Ranger backpacking elective, or for a conservation project required in Boy Scouts and in Venturing.

Scouts who earn the First Class rank while a registered member of a Boy Scout troop or Varsity team may elect to continue working toward Eagle as a registered member in the Boy Scout troop or a registered member in a Venturing crew, or while retaining dual membership registration in both a troop/team and a Venturing crew. Whichever registration status a boy elects, both Scoutmaster and crew Advisor need to confirm which adult leader the boy plans to have oversee his advancement process toward the rank of Eagle. That selected adult leader needs to be fully cognizant of the 12 steps from Life to Eagle (see description in this manual), the timeline requirements of certain merit badges required for Eagle (see the current edition of Boy Scout Requirements), and the requirements of the Eagle Scout leadership service project (see reference in this manual).

Position of responsibility requirements may be met by the Venturer serving as president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer in his crew, or as boatswain, boatswain’s mate, yeoman, purser, or storekeeper in his ship.

The Scoutmaster conference will be conducted by the Advisor or Skipper.