Perpetual preservation of Whitney Lodge .  

Establish and maintain the financial and administrative means necessary to support Whitney Lodge facilities.


Support the collection and disbursement of funds for the following at Whitney Lodge:

  1. Property Acquisition or Long-term Lease
  2. Facilities Development
  3. Asset Maintenance
  4. Associated Asset Risk Management

Sponsor the charter of youth programs in the immediate community, at Whitney Lodge, whose organizational foundation is:

  1. Duty to God and Country
  2. Personal Growth
  3. Development of Leadership Skills
  4. Citizenship in the Community and in the World
  5. Service to Others

Greetings from Scouters of 1659!

The boys and adult supporters of 1659 are still working the path of the Boy Scouting in America and they are still doing it at Whitney Lodge on Gladeridge Drive . We invite you to come to the Lodge to visit us. We are there each Sunday evening at 5:00PM, and we begin each of the meetings with a flag ceremony. Troop 1659 is currently 46 boys strong with the support of 29 parent volunteers. Additionally, Whitney Lodge is home to 38 boys and girls of Ship and Crew 1659 supported by 31 volunteers. We continue to be what makes scouting strong, parents proud, and America blessed.

As you know, it takes a community of adults to help raise our children to be good citizens and it will take a community commitment to accomplish this goal. Please consider joining us in accomplishing our goals. Visit Scouting. Come see what the youth of today are really doing and share with them your talents and expertise. Of course, this requires us to raise funs to support our ambitions. We pray that we can reach our goals with Friends of Whitney Lodge like you. Please help us “raise the roof” while we “raise the bar” of services in Whitney Lodge 1659.


With our Scouts Honor, Sincerely Yours,


Troop, Ship, Crew, and (new) Pack 1659 of Whitney Lodge.