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We are a boy lead, full uniform troop with a dedicated group of adult leaders (with the majority having attended and received their Wood Badge beads). We are based out of Whitney Lodge placing our troop in the Iron Horse District of the Sam Houston Area Council.











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**Want to JOIN Troop 1659? We meet @ 5PM Sunday evening. Click here for a map! **

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October 2016

       Sunday, October 23 - Troop Meeting 5pm @ Scout Hut, MBA #2

       Friday, October 28 - Mikey Tunnell Eagle Project, 6pm-9pm @ Kelly Harden's House

       Saturday, October 29 - Mikey Tunnell Eagle Project, 9am-6pm @ Haude Elementary

       Sunday, October 30 - Troop Meeting 5pm @ Scout Hut

November 2016

       Note: No Committee Meeting in November

       Sunday, November 6 - Troop Meeting 5pm @ Scout Hut

       Thursday, November 10 - Round Table 7pm @ LDS Church Hafer Rd

       Thursday, November 10 - Put out Flags for Veteran's Day

       Friday, November 10 - Pick up Flags for Veteran's Day

       Friday, November 10 - Sunday, November 13 - Troop Camp Out, Location TBD

       Sunday, November 13 - No Troop Meeting

       Sunday, November 20 - No Troop Meeting (Thanksgiving Holiday week)

       Thursday, November 24 - Thanksgiving

       Sunday, November 27 - Troop Meeting 5pm @ Scout Hut, MBA #3


December 2016

       Sunday, December 4 - Troop Meeting 5pm @ Scout Hut

       Thursday, December 8 - Round Table 7pm @ LDS Church Hafer Rd

       Sunday, December 11 - Committee Meeting 3:30pm @ Annex; Troop Meeting 5pm @ Scout Hut, MBA #4

       Sunday, December 18 - Winter Camp Attendees Only, Winter Gear Check

       Sunday, December 25 - Christmas! No Troop Meeting

       Monday, December 26 - Saturday, December 31 - Winter Camp





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  • Welcome to all the new scouts joining Troop 1659!
    • Leaders working with younger boys on FCE (First Class Emphasis) are:
      1. Tony Stewart

*FCE is for scouts working toward the following ranks: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class*

    • Lastly, check this website regularly for information and updates.



  • Camping FAQ
    • What should I take with me on a campout with the Troop?
      • Normally, you should always take the following items (specialized items may be recommended, but normally will be announced before the campout... ex. We are going tubing down the river so bring your water shoes):
        • Sleeping bag (rated for around 35 degrees or better) - the lighter the bag, the easier your son will have in packing and carrying it around. Price usually makes a big difference in determining quality and durability. We suggest NOT to go out and buy the most expensive sleeping bag on the market... instead, get something that will work and let your son build up some of his own expertise in determining quality sleeping bags.
        • Sleeping pad - prices range from below $10 to over $75; this gear can make sleeping easier and more comfortable for the scout when he is in his tent. On colder nights, this will also add insulation to the bottom aspect of his sleeping bag. At the very least, it will minimize him sleeping on a rock or pinecone and waking up with a backache the next morning.
        • Mess kit - a plastic cup, plate, fork, knife, and spoon with a net bag to keep it all in will do just nicely. You can opt for the aluminum or stainless steel kits; however, those are not really needed unless you are backpacking (i.e. used to cook with).
        • Toiletry items - include tooth brush, soap, face towel/body towel, comb/brush... grooming items. Please do NOT bring any kind of OTC (over the counter) or RX (prescription) medications without first checking it in with the Scout Master. He will assign one of the ASM (Assistant Scout Masters) to handle medications which includes dispensing.
        • Change of clothes /- normally acouple of BSA Activity shirts (t-shirt with the Boy Scout logo on it, not the Cub Scout logo), one pair of pants/shorts, and several pairs of socks and underwear affords the scout a comfortable time during a weekend outing.
        • Rain gear - specifically, a poncho will work, but on extended trips or backpacking campout, rain pants and a jacket are more confortable/practical.
        • Small First Aid Kit - this kit should be able to handle the normal cuts and scraps that could occur at a campout.
        • Flashlight - any kind will do, but we have found that head lamps with the ability to switch between red or normal white light to work the best (Wal-mart or other discount stores have these at very reasonable prices). Scouts have been known to lose track of flashlights so, keep that in mind when investing in this type of gear.
        • Pocket knife - All scouts must receive their toten chip before they are allowed to operating a pocket knife in the Troop. This is different then what they earned in Cub Scouts. Once they have this particular qualification, they should obtain a dependable LOCKBLADE knife. Size should be within legal limits for carrying in their pocket or on their belt. Multi-tool knifes can be very handy, especially those that change to a set of pliers. The lockblade aspect is important for safety. Also, this is another item, along with the flashlight, that tends to be lost occassionally on campouts... so again, keep this in mind when investing in this type of gear.
        • Water bottle or camelbak - This should hold at least 1liter or more of water.
        • Scout Book - this is actually part of his uniform, but we wanted to list this since there usually are multiple opportunities to obtain checkouts on rank advancement.
        • Backpack or bag - can easily be used to store his gear. On other campouts or backpacking trips, more specific storage requirements may come into play. An example would be summer camp. We have generally required the boys to have a plastic footlocker style box (Academy or Wal-mart; ~$20).
    • What is NOT allowed at troop campouts?
      • Normally, the following items are never allowed. Sometimes exceptions are made on certain aspect like waterguns (if okayed by the Scout Master) if the campout involves water activities.
        • No electronic toys (ex. PSP, Gameboy, PDA, TV, Radio, Tape/CD player, etc.) When in doubt ask, but most likely if you have to ask, it's not allowed.
        • No firearms of any kind
        • No swords, nunchucks, or any other martial arts weapon
        • No fireworks
        • Lastly... anything else that we may have forgotten like nuclear weapons, bombs, etc.
    • Can I as a parent, come to any campout?
      • As a general rule, you need to be registered leader with the Boy Scouts of America to attend a Troop campout. Although, we do normally have one or two campout that we encourage parents/guardians to attend. Also, there will be special campouts where siblings that are in Cub Scouts (preferably Webelos) can attend to receive credit for their Arrow of Light achievement.
      • It is easy to become a registered leader... just fill out an adult BSA application and turn it into our Troop adult leadership (there is a small fee for joining). However, becoming a registered leader is only the beginning... we encourage all new leaders to take Youth Protection Training and New Leader Essentials (both are online courses that can be completed in a short amount of time). You can find these course by clicking on the following link:









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  • For Troop related inquiries, please contact the Scoutmaster
  • For website questions, concerns or comments, please contact the Webmaster